Payroll Processing

Our payroll processing service takes the hassle out of one of the most important tasks of your small business – paying your employees. We strongly believe processing your business payroll should be completely easy and cost effective. That is why we’ve partnered with one of the best cloud-based accounting and payroll platforms providers to easily, cost-effectively and professionally process your business payroll.

Our services are tailored to ensure you are on top of your business payroll, while we do all the work for you in the background. You have unhindered online access to all your employees’ information, reports, paystubs, timesheets (if necessary), paychecks (if necessary), etc. We select a suitable reporting timetable for your business – filing all your business reports in time and accurately. You are never late to file and we will pay your payroll taxes and bill you later, if necessary. We can guarantee that once we become your payroll processing partner, you will be 100% protected. Our reputation as a reliable service provider has been earned over the years, because we go the extra length to ensure our clients are always satisfied.

Our payroll processing services include the following:

  1. Accurate processing of your employees scheduled (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly) payroll – all types of payrolls – regular employees, contractors, part-timers, etc.
  2. Direct deposit of employees’ net pays – once approved for EFT services, we directly deposit all your employees’ net pay to their respective in-state or our-of-state bank accounts
  3. Employees’ paychecks printing, when necessary – paychecks for employees opting out of direct deposits are printed and delivered to you. Alternately, we give you access to print paychecks for your employees
  4. Employees’ paystubs distribution – through electronic medium or manual printing and mailing
  5. Ability to remotely approve payroll before we finalize it – you will have access to your business processed payroll for review and approval, before it is finalized
  6. Filing payroll reports – 941’s, 940’s and other State and Federal compliance reports are timely filed, and payments made on schedule
  7. Electronic funds transfer of payroll taxes and third-party payments. We also manually print third party checks for mailing. Alternately, we give you access to print all checks

Cost-effective Payroll

Because we are focused on meeting the service needs of small businesses and being aware of the budgetary constraints most small business owners face, we’ve priced our payroll services to suit our clients’, most often, small budgets. We charge a tiered monthly processing fee, rather than charging per payroll processed. Additionally, we do everything to ensure your business saves money when you select us to process your payroll. Hence, if you show us your current service provider’s fees, we give you a deserved discount, which you can use to grow your business. In many instances, our signup is free. In other instances, we process your payroll for two consecutive periods, free of charge.